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Video Games

Video games have become a common form of entertainment. Still, only a few are actually aware of how this industry, which is generating so much money and interest, first started out. Before video games were sold in videogame stores and downloaded or played online, earlier designs of video games has gone through a lot of experiements.

Early years of video games

The early video games were lights dancing across a screen that represented missiles launched by a player. The player had the ability to control the trajectory and speeds using controls and knobs. These missiles were then programmed to hit targets. Eventually, Tennis for Two, one of the early video games to be controlled with handheld controllers, made its appearance in 1958 for the amusement of visitors at a library.

Video games spread to the networks of most college campuses; these games were mostly developed by students as a hobby.

Peak years of video games

Consoles for video games were eventually released in 1971. By the 1980s, video games have started turning viewers into players. Consoles were popular electronic items that children and even adults in this era had to have. Companies then began investing and developing software and hardware for video games. After the video games industry reached its peak in the early 1980s, it suddenly fell. This event in video games history is better known as the North American Video Game Crash of 1983.

Makers of video games

Fortunately, the video games industry recovered immediately right after the crash and continued to experience steady development throughout the years. A video games giant from the east eventually penetrated the world market and introduced a new console. Nintendo successfully broke through after the video game crash and remains up to now a big player in the video games industry. Other Asian companies introduced video games that had gamers experience role-playing. Final Fantasy debuted in 1987 and has spawned a host of series that still dominate the era of video games.

As role-playing video games gained popularity, other genres of video games were developed in the early '90s. Video games now had themes such as real-time strategy, which later influenced a majority of video games. Survival horror themes were also born in this era. This theme influenced many video games in the role-playing genre.

Presently, video games are still enjoyed with gaming consoles and portable gaming devices, which are a far cry from the gaming machines of thirty-odd years ago.

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